The Glass Studio

Although not large, my studio has everything I need for painting on glass. There is an easel with natural light for doing windows and a light table for making LED-lit wall panels. There are worktables for cutting glass and a cart with many kinds of brushes, feathers, knives, sponges and scrapers for painting on glass. Glass paint is composed of metal oxides mixed with finely ground glass powder, which fuses to the surface of the glass when fired in a kiln. My glass paintings integrate the black paint on the surface with the color emanating from the glass, so the paint and colored pieces of glass together form the image.

Since all my work is painted, my kilns are involved with every piece. There is a small one with a 19″ square shelf, a tall octagonal one for vessels, and a very large (3.5′ x 6′) table-top kiln for flat, fused or slumped work. They are in a separate room with plenty of ventilation. Coldworking, such as sandblasting, cutting or polishing, I do by renting equipment at Pratt Fine Arts Center here in Seattle.

The Printing Press

My printing press is up north in the Skagit Valley in Theodora Jonsson's studio. This is a wonderful arrangement for getting away from the city for a few days to spend time on Pull and Be Damned Point, climbing the rocks, sailing, and printmaking.